Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, an amazingly picturesque city of “northern beauty”. As with any European capital, in addition to many attractions and nice museums, it boasts an abundance of cafes with amazingly delicious dishes, shops of Swedish designers, as well as a variety of hotels and a rich nightlife.

The city was founded over 700 years ago; today it is spread over 14 islands in the cold Baltic Sea, connected by 57 bridges. But despite this, almost all the main attractions here can be easily reached on foot.

The city is built on 14 islands, on the one side it is washed by the Lake Mälaren, on the other – by the Baltic Sea. The so-called “Stockholm archipelago” includes more than 24 thousand islands, islets and just rocks.

In the very heart of the city there are Gamla Stan (Old Town) and Riddarholmen (Knight’s Island) – the two largest and best preserved medieval centers in Northern Europe, founded in the 13th century.

In the old town of Gamla Stan there is the Royal Palace, many beautiful churches, picturesque streets, shops, restaurants and cafes. The Armory and the Treasury are adjacent to the palace. However, the most attention of tourists is attracted by the daily changing of the guard – a spectacular sight. Besides, this part of the city also has the Nobel Museum and the Knight’s House.

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