Tallinn is a relatively small city on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, yet it is rich in historical and cultural landmarks. It will take you a while to explore all the tourist sights, you can spend a whole day simply walking through the streets of the Old City.

Old Tallinn is a real island of the Middle Ages in the midst of ultra-modern high-rise buildings of hotels and shopping centers.

The most interesting location from the tourist point of view is the central part of the Estonian capital city – Kesklinn. It is a walking distance of the port, there is the heart of Tallinn – the Old Town. Having barely crossed the threshold of the Great Sea Gate, you find yourself in the middle of a cobbled street of a medieval city. However, there are many interesting sights behind the fortress wall – the famous Catherine Palace, Kadriorg Park, many theaters and museums. In the southern part of the district there is the largest lake in Tallinn Ülemiste.

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